Health insurance administration made easy

Automate your day-to-day health benefits administration with Plum's admin dashboard. Free up time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Add or remove members on the go

No more excel sheets. No more uncovered members. Use Plum dashboard to add new employees and their dependents instantly. With Plum, you can welcome your new employees with a benefits package on their day of  joining.

Add new benefits

With our one-connected system, find the right point solutions for the healthcare needs of your team, and activate them on the go

Track claims and benefits usage

Get a transparent understanding of how your team is using their health insurance and other health benefits.


Plum brings you the much-needed transparency into what's covered and what's not

Real time tracking

Plum brings you real time status for every claim being made by your team member or their families

Claims ratio

Plum helps you monitor your claims ratio - so that you can better plan your renewal premiums

Frequently asked questions

Can I add or remove members after the initial setup?

Yes, you can add new employees, add new dependents (at the time of marriage or childbirth), and remove employees who exit the company. Additions and deletions can be done using the Plum dashboard.

How are premiums calculated for additions?

For additions, you would get charged based on pro-rata. E.g., if the annual premium for a 35-yr old member is ₹2000, and you add a member 6 months later, you would pay ₹1000 for that member.

Do I get refunded for deletions?

For deletions, you would get refunded based on pro-rata. E.g., if the annual premium for a 35-yr old member is ₹2000, and you delete a member 6 months later, you would get refunded ₹1000.

How do I pay for additions and deletions?

We create a Cash Depository (CD) account on the name of your company. Whenever any deletions happen, we credit your CD account with the balance. Whenever any additions happen, we debit your CD account with the required premium.

Can an employee convert the group plan to an individual plan if they leave the company?

Yes, the employee could move to a similar policy with the same insurance company, but the premium may change. Employees may carry the continuity details from their old policy to get an exemption on waiting period.

Automated admin solutions to manage health benefits for your team by Plum.