Niva Bupa Group Health Insurance

The health insurance sector gained popularity in India during the late 1980s. But, it was only in the early 2000s when the concept of group medical insurance became broadly accepted. Due to longer working hours and challenging job profiles, employee health became a point of concern for every employer.
The Covid-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener for businesses. It is of utmost importance to ensure that employees get the required healthcare facilities in emergencies. Buying Niva Bupa Group Health Insurance can certainly help you achieve this objective.
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Key Statistics of New India Assurance Group Health Insurance
GHI Premiums
₹310 crores
FY 2021
GHI lives insured
25 lakhs
FY 2020
Health lives insured
44 lakhs
FY 2020
Health claims Processed
FY 2020
Health claims Settlement Ratio
FY 2020
Claims Settled within 3 months
FY 2020
*Source - IRDAI and IBAI annual reports  **GMC - Group Medical Cover
***Claims Settlement Ratio (CSR) is the percentage of claims settled by the insurance company against the no. of claims obtained in a financial year. A high claim settlement ratio indicates the good financial health of the insurance group.
GHI Premiums
₹1,009 crores
FY 2021
GHI lives insured
53 lakhs
FY 2020
Health lives insured
1.72 crores
FY 2020
Claims Processed
FY 2020
Claims Settlement Ratio
FY 2020
Claims Settled within 3 months
FY 2020

Basics of Group Health Insurance

It aims to provide cover to employees against unforeseen medical emergencies. The span of the policy extends to the employees and their families. You can buy the comprehensive group health insurance policy at attractive premiums to ensure that your workforce remains healthy.

Expenses Covered Under Group Medical Insurance

Although it is said that all medical costs are covered, usually the following expenses are covered by all policies.
Highlights of the policy
Hospitalisation Expenses
Expenses on hospitalisation caused by diseases, infections or accidents.
Diagnosis and treatment
Expenses incurred on diagnosis and treatment, pre and post hospitalisation up to a specific number of days.
Cashless treatments
You can enjoy cashless treatment at the hospitals linked to the network of the insurer.
Dependants cover
You can add the employee’s spouse and three children up to the age of 25 years in the policy. All other dependents can also be covered.
Reduced costs
The number of employees and the insurance cover applied for can reduce your premium cost.
Please note that Plum has collated and presented this data for informational purposes only and at a particular point in time. Plum does not endorse, rate, or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer. The final terms, conditions, and premiums may vary depending upon factors including group size, age, location, and applicable taxes.

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Why Should You Buy Group Medical Insurance?

The increased risk of hospitalization and medical assistance required due to the threat posed by Covid-19 has increased the importance of health insurance. A group policy can not only reduce the monetary burden, but also allow your employees to remain stress-free. Here are the benefits that you can receive from medical insurance.
Save Costs for your Employees
If your employees purchase their personal health insurance, they have to bear the premium cost. By purchasing medical insurance for your employees, you can save them from this expense, which can be an additional strain on their budget.
Discount on Premium Charged
As compared to standalone medical insurance, your premium cost is much lower when you purchase bulk insurance. So, you get a dual benefit with group insurance. You can provide medical cover to your employees, that too at a reduced price.
Build Trust for the Organization
Employees always want their organization to respect them. An organization that is committed to the welfare of its employees is trustworthy. Hence, buying medical insurance for your employees can build their trust in the organization.
Increased Employee Retention
Taking care of the medical expenses by purchasing group insurance can help you retain your employees. By showing that you value your employees, you not only retain them, but also motivate them to work harder.
Tax Benefits
Under the Income Tax Act, 1961, you can claim a deduction of the premium paid for buying group medical insurance from the company’s taxable income. This reduces your tax burden. Hence, you can benefit your employees and save tax at the same time.
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Niva Bupa Health Insurance

Niva Bupa is a renowned insurer in India that provides various types of insurance products. Niva Bupa group health insurance is a popular product for employers who wish to secure the best healthcare services for their employees. It has tie-ups with the best hospitals for cashless facilities. Here are the types of expenses that are covered by the policy.
Features of Niva Bupa Group Insurance
Allowance for Private Single Room:
The Niva Bupa policy allows you to avail your treatment in a private single room. This can save you from the hospital chaos and provide focused medical attention.
Free Health Checkups Every 2 Years
You can get yourself checked up for free once in 2 years at the Niva Bupa diagnostic centre. This helps you to ensure that any major health issues are identified in the early stages. It can help you get good and timely treatment.
Coverage for Maternity and Newborn Baby
This insurance covers the expenses of normal and C-section deliveries, as well as the primary care of the newborn baby. This policy also covers the cost of vaccination for the baby.
Free Health Checkup of Parents and In-Laws
You can also get free checkups for your parents and in-laws regularly.
Daily Cash Allowance
The patient can get a hospitalization allowance for petty expenses at the hospital, apart from the treatment charges covered.

Benefits of Buying Niva Bupa Group Insurance

So, why should you choose the Niva Bupa Group Health Insurance? Here are the benefits of selecting Niva Bupa:
Discounted Premium on Bulk Subscription
Apart from the discount on buying insurance for all your employees in bulk, you can also save on the premium cost if you purchase a 2-year plan.
Cashless Facility / Direct Claim Settlement
You can benefit from Niva Bupa tie-ups. If you get hospitalized at any of the network hospitals, you can enjoy the hassle-free cashless treatment. You are saved from the burden of paying in cash at the time of treatment and claiming these expenses later.
Boosted Employee Retention
When the management looks after the needs of the employees, they feel secure and confident. This enhances their performance and also reduces employee turnover. As a result, you can retain employees that you have trained over the years.
Tax Benefits
Under the Income Tax Act, 1961, you can claim a deduction of the premium paid for buying group medical insurance from the company’s taxable income. This reduces your tax burden. Hence, you can benefit your employees and save tax at the same time.
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Frequently asked 

What are Group Insurance Policies?

When a company issues a single insurance policy to cover many individuals, it is called Group Medical Insurance. Such policies have standard terms and conditions applicable to all the beneficiaries. The insurance premium charged per head is less in such policies due to bulk discounts.

Does Niva Bupa Group Health Insurance Cover expenses for Covid-19?

The categories of expenses that are included in the policy include expenses for the treatment of critical illnesses, expenses for treatment of injuries caused due to accident, Corona Kavach - Cover for the treatment of Covid-19 infection.

Which expenses related to treatment are allowed under Niva Bupa Group Insurance?

Expenditures allowed as a claim for the treatment are room rent, consultation fees paid to surgeons, specialists and resident consultants, medical examinations that are carried out to diagnose the disease. Daycare procedures for the treatment of the illness. Medicines prescribed for the treatment, pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses from 30-90 days as mentioned in the policy, cost of surgical or other sophisticated procedures, and daily cash allowance.

What are Network Hospitals?

The hospitals that have a tie-up with the Insurance company to provide medical facilities to the policyholders are called network hospitals. You can avail of seamless medical treatment along with cashless facilities at such hospitals.

When can your claim be rejected?

Your insurance claim can be rejected in any of the following cases, if you use alcoholic or harmful substances leading to your disease or medical emergency for which you are taking treatment, pre-existing disease not disclosed in your application, if the wounds are self-inflicted, if your claim exceeds the maximum permissible limit for treatment fixed by the insurance company.