tele-consultations for your employees

With Plum Telehealth, your employees get free and unlimited access to Plum’s handpicked in-house doctors and healthcare professionals across a wide range of specialties.
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Why choose Plum Telehealth

A family doctor for all your family members
Telehealth is open to all family members of your employees. Empower them to take charge of their family’s health
We’re all ears, always!
Our doctors are patient listeners, and our consultations are professionally executed over 15-25 minutes sessions, depending on the specialty.
Book appointments your way
With Telehealth, you can schedule consultations at your convenience using our web interface or even via WhatsApp.
Knock, Knock!
Timely reminders before every appointment and prescriptions delivered to you at the end of each.
We have a finger on the pulse!
We may not have a finger on the patient's pulse literally, but we do collect and monitor patient feedback at the end of every consultation to ensure the highest levels of quality.

Specialties that Plum Telehealth covers

Women's health and pregnancy
Mental wellness
Ear Nose Throat
Internal medicine
General Practitioners
Life and leadership coaching
Male sexual wellness
Female sexual wellness
Relationship counselling
Plan your surgery

Why trust Plum Telehealth?

Plum’s in-house doctors are carefully selected and specially trained to provide remote consultations and prescriptions
We strictly comply with the Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002 and the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines, 2020.

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