Which plan is good for your team?

A good plan is not always the most expensive one. Find out which plan suits your team best by looking at the table below.

Standard Plan
Premium Plan

Covid Insurance Plans
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Giving some peace of mind to your employees during these uncertain times should not break your bank. Choose between our standard and premium plans .

What's not covered?

Your policy comes with certain exclusions that are not covered.

Hospital expenses unrelated to COVID-19

Hospitalisation expenses not in lieu of treatment for COVID-19 and all the strains will not be covered.

International treatments

Treatments taken outside India will not be covered.

Treatments for patients suspected of infection

Hospitalisation expenses for patients only under investigation with inconclusive medical reports will not be covered.

Non govt approved test centers

Test report for COVID-19 conducted from centres other than Govt/ICMR authorised test Centre in India will not be covered.

Comorbidity expenses

In case of a claim for COVID-19 infection with any co-morbid condition, claim will become eligible however the expenses related to co-morbid condition will be deducted.
E.g., if the person is diabetic, all blood sugar testing, insulin or anti diabetic medications will be disallowed. However the other expenses incurred for the treatment of COVID is payable.

Observation costs

Hospitalisation for observation and evaluation will not be covered.

Lack of active treatment

Hospitalization with absence of an active line of treatment will not be covered.

Claims of current & past COVID patients

Claim is not admissible if the insured member is suffering from COVID-19 infection at the time of addition to the policy. Claims made by any member who had contracted Covid-19 before the start of the policy will be subject to a case-to-case approval from the insurer at the time of actual claim.

Quarantine facility costs

Quarantine and isolation in a private facility like hotels, halls, guest houses which are converted into COVID centers will not be covered.

COVID vaccine and related illness

COVID-19 Vaccinations and any hospitalisation due to complication of vaccination will not be covered under this policy.

Protect your team & their
families from Covid-19

Plum’s comprehensive Covid care plan is carefully
crafted to protect you from unforeseen expenses
due to Covid-19 treatments
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Comprehensive health insurance
Health insurance plans for teams as small as two
Add-on Covid-19 specific insurance products
Life insurance
Life insurance cover in the unfortunate event of death of an employee
Covid-19 death
Benefit payout in case of death arising due to COVID-19
Free Covid-19 teleconsultations
Unlimited free, teleconsultations from Plum’s in-house doctors for you and your family
Covid-19 recovery counselling
Counsellors to handhold your team and their family members on the road to Covid-19 recovery
Covid-19 wellness session
Weekly wellness sessions from world-renowned experts on Covid-19 to stay physically fit and mentally healthy
Discounted medicines and lab tests
Exclusive discounts on prescription medicines and Covid-19 RT-PCR tests from Plum’s partner network.

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Frequently asked 

How do I know if my  company is eligible?

If your company is registered with MCA, and has 7 or more employees, then it is eligible for group Covid Insurance. However, hotels, hospitals, media industry related personnel, lawyers, and politicians are not allowed.

Who in my team is eligible?

All employees and their family members (including spouse, kids) can be covered. If you decide to cover family members, you need to make sure family members of all your employees are covered and that there is no selection in coverage. Members >60yrs are not covered.

What is the difference between a standard plan and premium plan?

Standard: 15 day waiting period + no home healthcare

Premium: Day 1 cover + home healthcare up to 10% of sum insured.

Will my team members be eligible for COVID-19 insurance if they are not hospitalised?

Coverage is applicable only if the insured member(s) is/are diagnosed with and hospitalised for COVID-19 or any mutated COVID Strains. However, homecare treatments are covered under the premium policy only.

Is there a waiting period to file for COVID-19 claims?

Standard Plan has a waiting period of 15 days. You can take the Premium Plan to waive off the mandatory waiting period of 15 days.

How to file a claim for COVID-19?

Positive test report for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) conducted by govt or ICMR authorised test centre in India is mandatory in the event of a claim. Only RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test results will be accepted and charges for COVID tests will be paid as per government approved rates.

Is the quarantine period covered?

Quarantine and isolation in a private facility like hotels, halls, guest houses which are converted into COVID center will not be covered.

Can a team member with symptoms of infection be included?

Insured member(s) should not suffer from any respiratory related symptoms like severe cough, respiratory distress, and breathlessness continuously from the last 2 weeks at the time of buying this policy.

Are PPE kits costs covered?

Charges for maximum 1 PPE kit per day is allowed subject to the limit of INR 1500 per day provided that such PPE kit is used by the treating medical staff while the patient is undergoing treatment.

Are cashless claims allowed?

Yes, for cashless COVID claims, the admissible claim amount shall be subject to the hospital tariff.

Are ancillary costs covered?

Ancillary and hospital disinfection charges like biomedical waste disinfection/sanitisation/ fumigation and other wearables are not payable.

Will team members suffering from COVID during policy expiry be covered in the renewed policy?

If an insured member suffers from COVID during the expiring policy, he/she will be covered in the renewal / rollover policy as well.

Will a refund be issued incase we delete an employee?

Pro-rata refund will not be issued for deletions.