Modern healthcare experience

Offer an employee experience that you can be proud of. Take care of your people when they need it the most

Easy for employees to understand & use

We’ve demystified the cryptic insurance documents so that your employees can understand their coverage like pros

Single access to all the health benefits

Whether you need to understand how your plans work, find a hospital, or submit a claim—Plum's employee app brings everything together

Detailed information about the coverage

No more legal documents. We explain the inclusions & exclusions in plain english, making it effortless for members to understand their insurance

Access to digital health ID cards

Employees can access their insurance on-the-go with their digital ID cards available on their app and WhatsApp. Just walk into the hospital and flash the Plum app, and you're all set.

Guided claims experience

We don’t leave your people stranded. With a tech-first approach, your team starts their claims digitally with complete assistance by Plum.

Assisted cashless claims experience
Guided digital reimbursement experience
Real-time tracking for claims

Instant support

Your employees can connect easily with Plum Care by phone, secure messaging, or online chat

Benefits that go beyond insurance

Let your team enjoy comprehensive care through high quality health benefits

Frequently asked questions

Do my employees need a physical insurance card?

A health insurance card is a way to keep all relevant information regarding your health insurance in a handy and easy way to carry around. Now in the digital world, you only carry your phone, not even your wallet, so Plum provides a digital health card which you can find inside your Plum app.

How can the employees use their Plum health insurance? 

Your team members would get Plum app to understand their insurance cover, see what's covered and what's not covered. They would also see the step by step claims process on the app itself. Plum insurance can be used via a cashless treatment at a partner hospital.

Do my employees need to get treatment only at network hospitals?

No, your employees can get treatment at any government approved hospitals in India. We always recommend network hospital for a cashless experience. That said, they can take treatment from non-network hospitals. In such a case, they have to pay for the treatment first and then claim reimbursement.

Do you have a mobile app as well?

We don’t have a mobile app yet. However, we are working on building it and it would be available for use soon.

Health of your team is now an essential